Website is now live

I have worked all weekend on the website. But I'm happy to say that its now live. It's not totally finished but it's about 80% done.

What we changed.

- We changed hosting companies. The photos are no longer hosted by Smugmug. This is now going to allow us to have more pages indexed in Google, and you will be able to find more of the images in Google Image search.

- We added some extra links such as adsense, and advertisers that you may be interested in. We don't collect any money from the photos, we are hoping that this way will give us enough money to pay for hosting and upkeep on the sites.

- We have the site set up so it loads faster. You don't have to click through 20 pages to get the photo that you want. We have them all loaded on one page now. So far with testing it seems to load fast with DSL or Cable Modem. We haven't tested it with dial up connections.

- We made less categories and galleries. We think it will be less confusing with less categories. The nice thing is now you can see ALL the galleries on EVERY page. So you don't have to go back to the home page to choose a different gallery.

- Quick overview of photos. If you Want to see all the bridges we have in the county, you now can do it from one page. If you want to see a bigger version of that photo, or read more about that photo you can click on the photo and get the bigger photo and the history of the bridge or the photo.

-Quick Links Across the Top. These take you to the most popular galleries. Notice: This will pull up all the categories with the galleries and will load slower while all the smaller photos load on the page.

-Shopping at Ebay from the site: you can now click on the link at the left to shop at ebay for items containing bridges, mills, and barns. It will take you to Ebay to purchase but I did all the searching and will only bring in the most up to date items for you. This will change hourly.

- About the Password Protected Pages: When at smugmug I had family sections that Grandpap took of the immediate family photos. These were hid pretty well there I still have these on the new site, but unless your family you won't be able to see them. There are MANY unflattering photos of our family shown there, trust me your not missing much.

Whats left to do:

- I want to organize the photos by years within the counties. So when you look at the zillions of photos of Ebenezer Covered Bridge, you can see how it changed over the years. and not see it being moved after you see it already set up at the new location.

-I want to get more information on the photos, or link to Lost Bridges.org for all the information on the bridge itself. I personally feel that I will be linking to Lost Bridges because all the research that they have on the bridges, I could never duplicate it on my site.

- Finish uploading and databasing the rest of the photos. This will be done over the next few weeks. It has been a long weekend for me, All the photos needed uploaded again to the new server, then all the information needed typed in again. So I'm going to take a few days off away from the site and work my full time job, then work on it again next weekend.

- Correct spelling errors and other errors I made over the weekend. Mostly I probably have a zillion spelling errors. Sometimes its because I simply can't spell, or it could be because I wasn't able to read well enough the information off the slide. But then - I can blame it on the keyboard... Which I think I will. All errors is because of the keyboard. :)

Sometime this week Smugmug will be canceled. For me it's bitter-sweet. If it wasn't for that site, I would of never had all these photos organized the way that they are. I never had any problems with them, in fact I would highly recommend them to store photos. The reason that I moved them is for the fact that I make no money off this site, and I simply couldn't afford to host them there any longer. If you are looking for a site to host your photos, do consider SmugMug. You will not be unhappy at all. If you have a problem or a technical question they will respond to you in a matter of hours, not days like most places.

I hope that you like the new site. I am very pleased with the way it turned out for being done so quick. I think it's much better layout and easier to navigate.

If you would like to show some of the photos on your site, you can contact me at fmyphotos@gmail.com and I will work with you to get them to you. If you notice that all photos are now able to be saved to your computer, I am not even going to protect them from being downloaded at this time. But if you do snatch a picture from me, please at least give credit back to the site.




Website Updating

Over Thanksgiving day weekend I will be moving FMY Photos to a new host and it will have a new look! I hope to have it live by December 1st, with most of the photos move over by then.

Today I started the long process, and Murphy's Law is right here with me today. Anything and Everything that could go wrong has. But I think I have it mostly figured out, and should be able to move right along with building the site this weekend.

At the new site, I still have a link to Smugmug where the photos are still hosted at this time. It's just too expensive to keep them there, so I have no choice but to move them if I want to still show them.

So if you try to get to FMY PHOTOS and see a new design, or a half-done website this is why. It's still a work in progress. And Right now I am working full time, so it's going to take about a week to move everything over to the new site. Unfortunately I have no choice but to have the site live while I am doing this. So you may see some pretty weird things while I am fixing things. But it will all be worth it.


Photos will be used in Documentry

I am in contact with someone who wants to use some of the photos for a documentry. I am excited that his photos will be in film!

I can hardly wait. They will start out with the Washington County PA photoe which there are allot of them, and then move on to other counties.

I will update you when the documentry is finished and will give links!


Sure, Why Not?: It's not always a goofy hobby...

Sure, Why Not?: It's not always a goofy hobby...

Adam, another photographer who takes beautiful photos and who loves Road signs, has just had some photos published in a Magazine.

If you want check out his website please do you will also find photos from The Fred Yenerall Collection there. But he also has many awesome photos of his own of Covered Bridges, signs and old buildings. He has many photos of places that Fred didn't have.

He has many photos of road signs on his personal website. http://www.gribblenation.com/papics/

Check it out if you can and you love photos of old buidings and roadsigns.


Website update

I am still working on the new website. Hopefully it will be easier to navigate then on Smugmug, where I have the photos hosted at now.

It has taken me longer than usual to do the website, there are just so many photos in the collection, that each one needs captioned, and organized. But it's coming along slowly.

It has just been taking most of my time just working on the site. But I am happy with the way it looks so far.


Blairsville Historical Society of Indiana County PA

There was a post that I did on Blairsville County Covered Bridge, I retyped some information from the Mapbox and posted it. I didn't think anything else about it, just figured it was old information that people would read and forget about. In fact, most of the papers in the box are so old, that scanning them and having them presentable wasn't even an option for me. Even the picture of the bridge itself wasn't the best quailty, but then again the bridge collapsed in 1874.

The Blairsville Historical Society of Indiana County PA has used the information and made a great presentation of the Blairsville Covered Bridge.

You can find that here. (or click on the photo).

They have made an impressive paper on the bridge, even using a photo from the Fred Yenerall Collection, and it's excellent. I was so impressed with the way the presented all this information.

I think it is absolutely wonderful that they have used the information to allow people to learn about the history of the bridge and the community.

All the Covered Bridges in Indiana County are shown on their website with descriptions about the bridges. I have used their site to research some of the bridges when I was doing the photos. They even have a link to driving to each and every bridge that is still standing in the county.

The information on many of these places weren't easily available when Fred was alive, they did everything with snailmail, and word of mouth. Imagine how much information I would have if the Internet was available back in the 70's.


Video on Mailpouch Barns

Found Clips on Harley Warrick's mailpouch barns. Harley is one of the best known painters for Mailpouch barns. He has painted hundreds of barns all by hand. Without templates.

Alternate Link:

Fred Loved Mailpouch barns. He had quite a few in his collection. There aren't many of the barns still standing.

You can see photos of the barns at FMY Photos, or Ohiobarns.com.

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